6 Tips For Avoiding Unnecessary Surgeries


If a doctor tells you that you have 6 months to live and you believe it, it is basically a "death sentence" for you, but if you believe that you can heal you may still have a chance.

One of my teachers in school had a wooden leg because he lost his leg while fighting in the "Vietnam War", and he told me that every night before he went to sleep he would take his wooden leg off and put it next to his bed because it was too uncomfortable to sleep with it on.

He also told me that one night he got a phone call in the middle of the night that woke him up, so he got out of bed and walked to the kitchen to answer the phone. But when he picked up the phone and said, "Hello" he looked down and he realized that he had forgotten to put his wooden leg on, and that not only was he standing on one leg but he had somehow walked about 20 steps with only one leg!

He told me that the instant he realized that he didn't have his leg on and that he was doing something that should be "impossible" he immediately lost his balance and fell down.

I believe his story and look at it as a reminder of the power of faith and the dis-empowerment of disbelief.

For anyone who is wanting to heal from from something I would like to share the following miraculous healings that were caught on video and that I hope will help to restore your faith in your body's ability to heal...

A documentary featuring people with diabetes who were told by their doctors that there was no cure and they would have to be on insulin for the rest of their life trying to heal themselves naturally with a "raw food diet".

A documentary featuring people with lots of diseases trying to heal themselves naturally by going on a "juice fast".


Virtually everyone with a car has had the experience of taking their car to a repair shop because it was making a strange sound, and then being told by the mechanic that there were several things wrong with the car that needed to be repaired and that it was going to cost a fortune to fix it.

Most people in this situation don't know anything about fixing cars so they don't question the mechanic, and will simply agree to let them do whatever work they say is necessary. But some people will feel skeptical and decide to get a second opinion from someone else (maybe an uncle who is really knowledgeable about cars) and are then told that the problem isn't that serious at all, and that it can be fixed for only a fraction of what the first mechanic was wanting to charge them.

Like auto mechanics there are some good and honest doctors out there in the world, but in many cases when you go to see a doctor you are going to be viewed as a "customer", and the goal of the doctor is going to be to find something "wrong" with you so that they can either put you on some kind of a drug that you will have to take for the rest of your life, or perform an expensive surgery on you.

And the more "gullible" and less knowledgeable you appear to be about cars or health the more likely that an auto mechanic or a doctor will try to talk you into having unnecessary work done. (Whether it's getting your car's air filter replaced even though it is still in good condition or getting your wisdom teeth removed even though they aren't causing any problems.)

Doctors may try to intimidate you if you "dare" to tell them that you want to get a second opinion, but just know that unless you are in emergency situation that requires immediate action you have every right to explore other options before making any really important decisions.


We all start off with "Baby Teeth", which quickly fall out and are then replaced with "Permanent Teeth", and the reason that they are called "Permanent Teeth" is because they will last a life-time if you take good care of them.

But unfortunately most people don't take care of their teeth, and "Oral Surgery" is something that almost 100% of us will have at some point in our life.

Eating a healthy diet is of course a good idea if you want to have teeth healthy, however, even if you are eating the best diet you can still run into dental problems...

WARNING The bacteria in your mouth will eat food particles that are stuck between you teeth, and then they will produce waste (feces) that is very acidic and can burn holes in your teeth which can lead to cavities. So I would urge you not to leave food stuck to your teeth for really long periods of time.

If you drink a smoothie a simple rinse with water afterwards will probably be enough to clean your teeth, but if you eat a salad, or a handful of nuts, or some sweet and sticky dates you will likely have food stuck in your teeth afterwards which will provide the bacteria in your mouth with a food source, and will be allow the bacteria to grow and multiply.

WARNING Acidic foods can burn holes in your teeth!

Unripe fruit can be very acidic, so if you are eating an orange that tastes really sour instead of sweet, or a pineapple that is literally causing your mouth to burn please spit it out and rinse your mouth out with water to remove the acid!

Even ripe fruits that are naturally acidic like lemons and limes are something that I wouldn't recommend eating a lot of.

WARNING Many of the tools that dentists recommend for us to clean our teeth with can actually cause tooth decay! (Most of the toothbrushes on the market are hard bristled and are so abrasive that like sand paper they scrape away our tooth enamel, and most toothpastes are not only toxic but just interfere with the natural restoration of our teeth.)


Before is a list of several different types of dental tools that you can choose from if you are wanting to take care of your teeth in a more natural way...

1. Soft Bristle Tooth Brush

If you want to brush your teeth use a soft bristled brush, and brush gently up and down with the grain of your teeth rather than against the grain by brushing from side to side.

Do not brush your teeth shortly after eating acidic foods though, because acidic foods will temporarily soften tooth enamel, and if you try to brush your teeth when the enamel is really soft the enamel will scrape off!

There are actually tribes of people who tattoo their teeth black, and the way they do it is by biting down on lemons and just leaving their teeth in the lemon until the tooth enamel becomes extremely soft, then they will take a hard brush and aggressively scrub off the enamel so they can tattoo the exposed teeth black.

2. Dental Floss

If I eat a salad I will floss afterwards because I can usually feel some vegetable fiber stuck between my teeth. (And even if it doesn't feel like I have anything stuck in my teeth, but I floss anyways, there will almost always be some green particles on the floss afterwards.)

3. Tongue Scraper

Most of the bacteria in our mouth is actually on our tongue, and if you have never used a "tongue scraper" before to clean your tongue prepare to be disturbed by how dirty the tongue is! (By the way, you don't have to actually buy a "tongue scraper" for this, because I find that a regular metal spoon will actually do the trick.)

4. Sea Salt

Salt is antimicrobial, so to clean your mouth put a small amount of sea salt into a cup of water, stir well, and then use the salt water to rinse your mouth and gargle.

5. Glass Straw

If I want to drink lemon juice or any other drink that is acidic I will drink it through a straw to make sure that it doesn't make direct contact with my teeth.

6. Coconut Oil

I recommend "Oil Pulling" and I recommend doing it with coconut oil.

Coconut Oil is so slippery that it can get easily slide in and out of the thin gaps between your teeth, and I think it is good to "floss" this way for a few minutes and then spit out the oil. (Don't spit it into the sink or into the toilet though because the oil can harden and clog up your pipes, so it would be best to spit it outside or into an indoor trashcan.)

7. Celery Stick

After eating a meal I will sometimes chew on a celery stick which will help to remove plaque and will also provide my teeth with healthy exercise since celery is hard and crunchy.

(If you want strong teeth give them regular "workouts" by eating salads full of crispy and crunchy vegetables!)

8. Water Pick

If it is difficult for you to floss or if you just really want to give your teeth a deep cleaning, you can use a water pick to get into the hard to reach places.

9. Sunlight

I recommend sunbathing, and I also recommend that when you are laying in the sun you open your mouth for a minute or two and let some sunlight in to help clean your mouth of impurities, and to give your teeth some sunshine too!

10. Water

Water is the most important tool in dental hygiene!

I don't use a tooth brush or floss every single time I eat something, but I never eat a meal without rinsing my mouth with water afterwards.

Even if I'm at a store and I try a grape just to see the grapes are sweet or not I will still take a small sip of water and rinse my teeth as soon as I get a chance, because I just don't want to let food stay on my teeth for long periods of time, and I enjoy the feeling of having clean teeth.


Studies are showing that sitting for multiple hours a day increases your chances of developing serious health problems in the future, and the more time that you spend sitting in a day the shorter your life expectancy can become. ("Sitting" is even being referred to by some as "The New Smoking" because of how bad of a habit it can be.)

As of writing this it has been quite a few years since I've owned a chair, and I'm pretty much on my feet from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. Living this way was a challenge for me at first, but now it feels so natural that if I was going to travel somewhere 6 months from now by plane and I was going to be taking a 4 hour flight I would already be dreading the fact that I'm going to have to sit for 4 hours on the plane!

Below are a few tips that I have to help you avoid sitting and to also help you reverse the negative effects that years of habitual sitting has had on your health...


A "Standing Desk" is special desk that is high enough off the ground that you can comfortably use it while standing, and if you have a job that involves working on a computer a lot or you use a home computer a lot in your free time I can't recommend this enough.

You can purchase a "Standing Desk", or you can just do what I did and convert your regular computer desk into a standing desk by using boxes to prop your keyboard, mouse, and monitor up high enough that you can use your computer while standing.


A squatting posture allows for easy and natural elimination, while sitting constricts the colon and causes people to have to squeeze and push and spend more time in the bathroom.

There are Special Stools that you can buy which will allow you to squat while using a toilet, but I personally just stand on the toilet bowl and squat. When I do this I do it with the toilet seat up so that there's no risk of breaking it, and I also make sure that I have something very sturdy to hold onto. (Most public bathrooms are required to provide handrails for the elderly and disabled.)

I also always do this with shoes on for extra stability and traction, plus I am a bit phobic of letting my feet or any other part of my body make direct contact with a toilet.

If you are overweight, older, or have any physical disabilities whatsoever then I would recommend using a stool to be safe.


Gravity is constantly pushing down on us, and because of this most people will get shorter over the years as they age, and this compression of your spine due to gravity can lead to serious and even crippling health problems over time!

Many people who once had chronic back pain and were told that they needed surgery were able to heal themselves at home with the help of an "Inversion table". (Which is a device that allows you to safely hang upside down and reverse the effects of gravity by stretching and decompressing the spine.)

When hanging upside down you will be at least a little bit taller then you are when you are standing up since your spine is being stretched by gravity instead of being compressed by it, and hanging upside down like this improves your posture, increases your circulation, and feels amazing!

One of the greatest feelings for me is when I feel a lot of tension in my back and it feels like it really needs to crack, and then after hanging upside down for a few minutes I will suddenly experience a really big and loud crack in my back where I was feeling the tension. Whenever this happens I will instantly feel tremendous relief as my spine immediately loosens up and straightens and I will even feel like I can breathe better because the energy flow going up and down my spine is no longer being constricted.

When I hang up side down I will also sometimes experience cracking in my neck, my hips, and my knees, and on very rare occasions I will even experience cracking in really odd places like my chest!

I recommend hanging upside down once a day (with the safety of an "Inversion table") and I also recommend that while you are upside down you do some deep breathing exercises as well as some gentle twisting movements for your spine.


Most animals in the wild have to endure really cold and really hot temperatures, but we now live in houses where we can artificially control the weather and can make it 70 degrees all day long, and even all year long!

In the same way that adversity can make us stronger consistent comfort can make us weaker, and there are many benefits to exposing your body to hot and cold temperatures from time to time.

- If you fall down and bruise you knee putting some ice on it will numb the pain and reduce the swelling.

- If you have chronic pain or stiffness in your joints applying heat to the area of discomfort will increase blood flow to that area, relax the muscles, and help to soothe the pain.

And thanks to modern technology people are now able to experience even more of the miraculous powers of "Hot & Cold Therapy"...


Every year more and more athletes are starting to use "Croytherapy" to heal injuries and to extend their careers.

If you can't afford "Cryotherapy" you can start to get into cold training simply by spending more time outdoors in the winter or by taking cold showers. (And if you need some serious motivation I suggest that you watch some videos of "Wim Hof".)


Sweating is one of the natural ways that our bodies eliminates toxins and waste, but most people avoid sweating as much as possible, and they probably don't even remember the last time that they were really sweating.

I encourage you to sweat every single day, and instead of just swearing a little from the forehead I encourage you to sweat profusely from head to toe, and to aim for losing a puddle of sweat every day.

Although sweating through exercise is best, if for some reason you are unable to exercise right now, or if the exercises t that you are into aren't intense and in hot environments I would encourage you to use a sauna so that you can sweat out toxins on a regular basis.


"Cosmetic Surgery" is rapidly becoming one of the most common forms of surgery out there, and I want to remind people what the famous painter/sculptor "Michelangelo" said when someone asked him how he was able to take an ordinary stone and carve it into something as beautiful and magnificent as the "Statue of David"...

"Michelangelo" answered the question by saying that "David" was already in the stone and that all he had to do was chip away the excess that was covering him up, and that is exactly what the 6 steps on this website are designed to do. To chip away the negative excess in your life that is covering up a far greater version of yourself. (The unhealthy foods, drinks, and drugs that you are consuming, the unnecessary material things that are robbing you of your time, money, and freedom, and the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself.)

I believe that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves of virtually anything from a simple shaving cut to cancer, and the reason we aren't living to our potential is because our potential is so buried underneath all of the excess that we are holding onto and need to let go of.