6 Tips For Avoiding Unnecessary Doctors


One of the main reasons that people need to seek advise of a doctor is because they haven't been listening to the advise that their own bodies have been giving them for years...

- Any time that you continue eating when your body is telling you that it is already full, you aren't listening to your body.

- Any time that you get out of bed when your body is telling you it still needs a few more hours of sleep, you aren't listening to your body.

- Any time that you take a drug to hide the fact that certain foods that you eat give you heart burn and indigestion, you aren't listening to your body.

Lack of communication and misunderstandings are responsible for a lot of problems in the world. (Including many of our health problems.)

The amount of information contained inside of us is unbelievable (If a man blows his nose you can take the used tissue to a lab and use the information within it to find out if that man is your biological father!) and it is kind of sad to think that we would need X-ray machines just to know what is going on inside our own bodies.

When a "School Teacher" tells their students, "The war of France was fought between 1726 -1731." the students will write this information down and have to repeat it over and over again in their mind until it is memorized. But when a "Spiritual Teacher" tells the people attending their lecture, "There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way." the people in the audience will immediately smile and start shaking their heads "YES" in agreement because they know that what they just heard is a great truth that deep down they have always known, but it wasn't until that moment that they heard someone say it so clearly in everyday language that they realized they knew it.

If you injure your foot it will hurt to walk for a while so that you will stay off that foot until it heals, and in most cases your body has the ability to heal it's self and all you really have to do is listen to it, trust it, and not interfere.

So if you get sick and your body is suddenly resisting activity and it isn't showing any interest in food then maybe it would be wise to just rest and fast for a while.


If you take a "Medical Dictionary" and you randomly pick one of the thousands of health problems that is listed within it, and then you spent some time researching that particular health problem and learning about all of the symptoms associated with it, there is a very good chance that you will start to worry that you might have that health problem.

Now imagine what will happen if millions of people watch the News and are told that there is a deadly new flu virus going around...

What will happen is that millions of people will panic and go out and spend millions of dollars on medicines and vaccines, and some of the people will even go out and buy a year's worth of canned goods and bottled water because they have been worked up into believing that it might be the end of the world!

Recently a new concept was created called "The Awareness Months" where each month of the year is devoted to raising people's awareness of a serious health problem, and I feel that this was created with the intention of generating more money by scaring people into making more doctor visits.

I believe that you can attract what you fear and that if you spend an entire month raising the awareness of "Breast Cancer" millions of women are going to worry that they might have it, and if you spend an entire month raising the awareness of "Testicular Cancer" millions of men are going to worry that they might have it.

Fear can make you more vulnerable to illness, and if doctors tell the worried patients that they should be getting X-rays on a regular basis to be safe it can actually make them even more vulnerable because X-rays themselves can be carcinogenic to the body.

Below is a list of the "Awareness Months". Look very closely at this list and judge for yourself whether or not you think that this concept was really designed to help people, or if it was designed with the intention of scaring people into scheduling more doctor appointments...


JAN - Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

FEB - Heart Attack Awareness Month

MAR - Colon Cancer Awareness Month

APR - Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness Month

MAY - Kidney Stone Awareness Month

JUN - Skin Cancer Awareness Month

JUL - Tooth Decay Awareness Month

AUG - Vaccine Awareness Month

SEP - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

OCT - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

NOV - Diabetes Awareness Month


The two most financially profitable industries in America are "The Fast Food Industry" and "The Pharmaceutical Industry" who both make trillions of dollars a year!

Do you see a connection???

The fact that there is a "WAR" on illegal drugs, but prescription and over-the-counter drugs are not only legal but are being pushed on everyone so hard, and the fact that you have to be an adult to purchase cigarettes and alcohol, but it is legal for fast food restaurants to sell and even market their addicting and cancer causing foods to young children makes no sense until you realize that "The Fast Food Industry" and "The Pharmaceutical Industry" need each other to stay in business...

If people aren't sick they won't buy drugs, and if people aren't on drugs that make them feel better they won't be able to continue to eat the foods that are making them sick.

One time a friend of mine started to go blind and had to be rushed to the emergency room, and when the doctors examined him they informed him that he had diabetes. I went to the hospital to visit him and when I walked into his room I was shocked to see that he was eating a bacon cheeseburger, greasy french fries, and a large Coke! (There was actually a "Wendy's" fast food restaurant built into the hospital!)

What kind of a "recovery meal" is that for a diabetic???

The incident made me realize that doctors are either completely ignorant about the connection between diet and health, or they are aware of it but are more interested in treating sick people with expensive drugs and surgeries then they are in encouraging true preventative actions which would prevent people from ever getting sick and needing a doctor in the first place.


In the early 1900's it was strongly believed that ALL major forms of sickness and diseases would be completely eliminated by the year 2000 thanks to all of the pharmaceutical drugs that were being developed.

And because of this belief the ancient natural remedies that people had been using for countless generations became looked at as "primitive" and "inferior" to the modern medicines that science was creating, so people stopped using them in favor of the "New & Improved" medicines that they could now buy at any drug store.

To make a long story short, pharmaceutical drugs didn't eliminate all sickness and disease. In fact, there is actually far more sickness and disease now then there was before the pharmaceutical industry existed!

It was also believed in the 1900's that through the help of medical science people would be living a lot longer by the year 2000 as well, and although it is true that there are people in America today who are in their 80's, 90's, or even 100's, a lot of them are in nursing homes where they are confined to a bed or a wheelchair, and are completely dependent on others to feed, clothe, and bathe them. (And many of them don't even recognize their own children when they come to visit them!)

So rather than saying that people are "living" a much longer life I think that it would be far more appropriate to say that people are "dying" a much slower death.

In the past when an old person died it would often be quick and painless, and if there were any witnesses in the room when they died they would usually say something like the following...

"Our Grandpa was just sitting there in his chair talking and he seemed perfectly fine, but then he suddenly closed his eyes and lowered his head and that was how he died."

But today nursing homes are filled with old people who are dying a very slow and painful death and some of them are only alive because they are being kept alive with life support machines, and when they finally do pass away their relatives actually feel kind of relieved and will say things like...

"Well, at least Grandpa isn't suffering any more."

The ancient wisdom of natural medicine has been almost completely forgotten in only the last 100 years since pharmaceutical drugs were invented, and if an author writes a book reminding us of which herbs our ancient ancestors used to take to heal themselves if they got sick, that author will most likely be threatened or publicly ridiculed by people within the medical industry who want that information to be completely erased from the general population's mind forever.

Thanks to the internet however it is becoming a lot easier to not only find but actually "connect" with people around the world who have cured themselves of major diseases naturally, and who want nothing more than to help others do the same.


Think for a moment about just how strong and resilient the grass in your front yard is. You can walk on it, you can run over it with a car, and you can even cut it with a lawnmower and it will still continue to grow and thrive. But if simply lay a towel over a patch of grass and leave it there for a few days preventing the grass from getting any sun exposure what will happen is that the grass will turn pale and start to die, and the same thing happens to us when we don't get enough sunlight.

The sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth yet it can open and close all of the flowers on Earth, and it could also heal millions of people out there if they started spending more time outside, so if the weather is nicer outside than inside why settle for second best?

They say, "You Are What You Eat." and there is an interesting phenomenon that happens to people who eat a "plant based diet" like the one that I recommend ont this website. Plants need sunlight to live and thrive and they will actually lean towards the sun, and the longer that you eat a "plant based diet" the more that you too will find yourself wanting to go outside on sunny days and bask in the sunshine!

Many doctors will actually tell their patients that the sun causes cancer, and that they should stay out of the sun completely or wear sunscreen as protection, but if the sun causes cancer...

- Why is it that people's immune systems become the weakest during the winter when they are getting the least amount of sun exposure?

- Why is it that the areas of the body where men and women are the most likely to develop cancer just happens to be the areas of the body that never gets direct sunlight unless you go outside completely naked?

- Why is it that skin cancer was rare back when our ancestors were alive but is common today, despite the fact that we spend far less time in the sun than they did? (We now work at jobs that are in doors, we do virtually all of our traveling inside of vehicles, and the average person spends the majority of their free time inside their house watching TV.)

I'm not suggesting that it would be impossible to get too much sun exposure, (if you are getting sun burnt you are over-doing it) but what I am suggesting is that most people are getting too little sun exposure and putting sunscreens on your skin that has toxic ingredients can actually increase your chances of developing skin cancer!

We need sunlight to naturally produce "Vitamin D" which is why "Vitamin D" is often referred to as "The Sunshine Vitamin", but it is extremely important to understand that you can only produce "Vitamin D" from sun exposure during certain times of the day and certain times of the year depending on where you live. So I strongly recommend that you watch the interesting video below which will teach you exactly how to figure out when the sun is strong enough where you live to produce "Vitamin D"...

If you can produce Vitamin D where you live I encourage you to find a place in your yard or somewhere near-by where you can lay in the sun with as little of clothing as possible. (And preferably none at all, because no part of your body is truly clean if it never gets exposed to fresh air and sunlight!)

If you are going to "sunbathe" and you have light skin I feel that 20 - 30 minutes of direct sun exposure is enough. (Ideally spend half of that time laying on your back and the other half laying on your stomach.) And if you have dark skin you can (and should) spend about twice as much time in the sun since you have more melanin.

"Melanin" is a natural "sun screen" that our bodies developed over countless generations, and it is the reason that we have different skin colors. (The people who lived near the equator produced more melanin and darker skin to protect themselves from the hot sun, and the people who lived in colder climates and with long periods of winter produced less melanin and lighter skin so that their bodies would be able to absorb what little sun exposure they were able to get.)

For those of you who are currently living in a cold climate where you have to go several months in a row with cold weather and inadequate sun exposure, I highly recommend that you schedule your vacation time for the middle of the winter and that you go some place warm and tropical, so that you can be in the sun and recharge your immune system during the cold months.


"What you eat has no effect whatsoever on your health... But please eat our pills!"
- The Pharmaceutical Industry

More than half of the deaths in the United States are due to "Heart Disease", "Diabetes", and "Cancer" and we are often told that there is no cure for these diseases yet, but that if enough money is raised for research than maybe one day we will finally find a cure.

There are lots of charities out there who claim to be raising money to help find a cure for these deadly conditions and below are 6 reasons why I feel that we shouldn't donate money to these charities...

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 1 - "There Already Is A Cure"

If I am buying $100 worth of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and the cashier asks me, "Would you like to donate $1.00 today to help find a cure for cancer?" I simply tell them, "No, but I'll spend $100 today supporting the cure that already exists!"

Grocery stores that ask customers for donations to help them in their fight to end cancer usually sell products that are known carcinogens such as cigarettes, alcohol, and processed meats because they would lose a lot of money if they stopped selling them, and what makes you think that charities will be any more ethical if they to would lose a lot of money if cancer went away?

Keep in mind that billions of dollars a year are raised just to find a cure for each individual disease (like diabetes) yet not only could a healthy diet cure many of the people with diabetes, but it could also cure many of the people with heart disease, cancer, and most other diseases as well. (Plus a healthy diet doesn't come with all of the "side effects" that drugs do!)

So remember that when you buy healthy food you are financially supporting the growers of the real cure as well as increasing the public demand for more of it which will lead to healthy foods becoming more readily available and accessible for others.

Click below to watch a powerful video of the head of the "American Diabetes Association" making it perfectly clear that he is not interested in even hearing about a cure for diabetes if it doesn't involve drugs and surgery...

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 2 - "Disempowerment"

The secret underlying message being promoted by these charities is that not only is there no cure for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer but there is also no cause for them other than the genetics that you happened to be born with.

So in other words, if you get one of these diseases there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it except to go to your doctor and accept whatever surgery or treatment that they recommend, because you are powerless to do anything about it yourself.

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 3 - "Research Can Be Unethical"

Some "research" is conducted by giving human diseases to animals and then using the animals as guinea pigs for new drugs.

This is incredibly cruel and the fact that animals in the wild don't get heart disease, diabetes, and cancer like we do but domesticated animals like cats and dogs do should be all the "research" that we need to conclude that these diseases are the result of our unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle.

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 4 - "Frauds"

Any time there is a major disaster like a flood, an earthquake, or a hurricane that effects thousands of people we hear stories about fake charities who are trying to take advantage of all of the good people out there who want to donate money to help the victims.

And keep in mind that even if a charity means well in many cases only a small percentage of the money that you donate will actually go to the people who need it, because a lot of the money that is donated has to go towards the charity expenses and the salaries of those who work within the charity. (There is nothing wrong with getting paid to help people, however, before you donate to a charity you should really look into that charity and find out what your money will actually be used for.)

But the reason that I feel that most of the charities who are claiming to try to find a cure for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are "fraudulent" is simply because there are so many people now who have reversed these health problems with a "plant based diet". (If these major charities were serious about finding a cure then why do they completely ignore anyone who has healed these diseases without drugs and surgery rather than lending them their platform so they can share their story with millions of people?)

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 5 - "Hero or Villain?"

Even if you have donated a lot of money over the years to cancer research do you really think that if you ever get cancer and they ever do find a medical cure for it that they would just let you have it?

Even if they discovered a cure for cancer that was incredibly simple and cheap to produce, I believe that the first thing that would happen is that a drug company would put a patent on it and make it illegal for anyone else to produce it. Then once they had a monopoly on it they would charge people so much money for it that only the super rich could afford it, and the majority of people with cancer would be no better off than they are now.

Imagine if "Super Man" actually put a restraining order put on "Bat Man", Spider Man", and "Wonder Woman" so that they couldn't come anywhere near his city because he wanted to be the only "Super Hero" in town who people could turn to if they were in trouble. And now imagine that whenever he showed up to save people he told them that he would only save them if they agreed to pay him a lot of money, and if they were poor and couldn't pay him he would simply let them die.

Would "Super Man" still be a "Super Hero" at that point or would he be a "Villain"?

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 6 - "It's A Joke!"

Below are some outrageous pictures that I found on-line and put together of fund raisers to help find a cure for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer...