6 Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Doctors



Many years ago, a friend of mine suddenly started to go blind, so he went to the emergency room, and after examining him, the doctors informed him that he had diabetes.

I went to visit him while he was in the hospital, and when I walked into his room I was shocked to see that he was in a hospital bed eating a "Wendy's" bacon cheeseburger, a large french fries, and a Coke. (There was actually a "Wendy's" fast-food restaurant built inside the hospital!)

"What kind of a "recovery meal" is that for a diabetic???" I thought to myself.

I also wondered how the ridiculous idea of putting a fast-food restaurant inside a hospital could have been approved in the first place.

"If you want to know how much the health care system really knows about health, just look at the food they serve in hospitals."
- Unknown

This incident was what originally sparked my skepticism towards the health care system, because it led me to the inescapable conclusion that some of the people in it are either completely ignorant about the connection between diet and health, or they are aware of it, but they don't want to encourage healthy eating because healthy people don't need doctors.

"There's no money in healthy people, and there's no money in dead people, the money is in the middle, people who are alive... sort of... but with one or more chronic conditions."
- Bill Maher


If you were to take a "Medical Dictionary", and you randomly picked one of the thousands of different health problems that are listed in it, and then you devoted some time learning about that particular health problem and all of the symptoms that are associated with it, there is a good chance that you would start to worry that you have that health problem.

Now imagine what will happen if millions of people turn on the News and hear that there is a deadly new virus going around, and that the symptoms can be totally different for different people. (And that you could even have and spread the virus without feeling any symptoms whatsoever.)

What will happen is a "mass hysteria"!

Fortunately, all of the "End of the World" predictions that have come and gone over the centuries were wrong, but that doesn't mean that they didn't leave behind a path of destruction, because during a "mass hysteria" there can be so much fear that the fear itself can end up being far more destructive than the very thing that people were afraid of in the first place.


The comet known as "Halley's Comet" passes by Earth roughly once every 75 years, and while this is usually an occasion for astronomers and the general public to go outside and marvel at a rare and beautiful natural phenomena, in the year 1910 a scientist named "Camille Flammarion" predicted that the comet was going to get so close to the Earth that toxic gas that was inside the comet would spill into Earth's atmosphere and might even cause all life on Earth to end!

And although a lot of the other scientists at the time disagreed with this theory and said that the comet would be a safe distance from us as usual, a lot of the news papers at the time decided to run with the "End of the World" prophecy to sell more papers, and the public went into a crazy "mass hysteria".

People were so afraid that the air was going to be poisoned by the comet, that a lot of people wore a gas mask, locked themselves in their homes, and even took pills that claimed would make them immune to the harmful effects of the comet, and if they had to go outside for some reason, they would take an umbrella as extra protection from the deadly gas that they believed would be falling from the sky!

And although that was over 100 years ago, we see the same patterns emerge whenever there is a "mass hysteria" today.


A lot of movies, books, and video games in recent years have been about "the end of the world", and one of the potential problems with this is that some of the people who are deeply fascinated with this genre might start to like the idea of being able to tell people in the future that they lived through a real-life "end of the world" scenario, and therefore, it is easy to get them to accept that a "crisis" is actually an "existential crisis"!

And because they would probably also really like to be able to say that they were one of the "good guys" who helped save the world, it makes it VERY easy to get them to "do their part" by following all the rules (no matter what they might be) and by viewing those around them (including friends and family) as the "bad guys" if they aren't also willing to do whatever they're told.


One of the best benefits of healthy living is the "peace of mind" that comes with it.

Have you ever seen a bag of oranges where there was one bad orange in the bag that was completely covered in mold, but all of the other oranges around it were perfectly fine? The reason that only one of the oranges went bad is because that orange was either a lot older than the other oranges and was simply starting to naturally decompose, or it's because that orange got smashed or damaged in some way.

The same thing happens to humans whenever there is a contagious sickness going around that is wreaking havoc on the elderly and those who's health has been seriously damaged in some way, but is having little to no effect on the young and the healthy.

In nature "only the strong survive" and it is nature's way to "cull" away those who are weak and no longer fit to reproduce. (The zebra who is slow or injured and can't run as fast as the others is the one most likely to be eaten by predators.)

And while that might seem "cruel" from our perspective, keep in mind that if only the strongest and healthiest members of a species survive and breed, it helps ensure that the species as a whole will continue to evolve forward into something stronger rather than degenerate backwards into a weaker species who is becoming fragile and more vulnerable to extinction!

We should also take comfort in knowing that most of our health problems are self-inflected, and that a lot of our ageing is premature, and therefore, by making healthier lifestyle choices, we could potentially extend our lives by decades and could also expand our quality of life by leaps and bounds!

And if we look at the deadly health problems that are currently plaguing humanity (like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease) as motivation to change and "evolve" into a healthier society, then these health problems could actually end up being a blessing in disguise.


Sometimes people will become so desperate to get high that they will intentionally sniff cleaning products, and it wasn't that long ago that if you saw someone doing this you would want to call 911, because you know that someone could end up with serious brain damage from doing something like that.

But now-a-days, people are being conditioned to believe that the best thing to do to avoid getting sick is to buy lots of toxic cleaning products, spray them all over their house to kill germs, and then lock themselves in their house and just breathe in these toxic fumes 24/7.

Taking a big sniff of "Pine-sol" to get high might seem totally different than merely using "Pine-sol" to clean your home, but if you are in your home, and if your home smells like "Pine-sol", then you are still inhaling "Pine-sol" (just in much smaller but also much more frequent inhalations) and I'm just sharing my opinion that all of this toxic exposure is doing more harm than good.


If you are sensitive to toxins and you walked into a plastic factory that had strong plastic fumes in the air, your body would immediately start screaming at you to get out of the factory. But if you have been desensitized enough, you might just think to yourself that the smell of plastic in the air brings back fond memories of being a child on Christmas morning and that "new plastic smell" that would be in the air from all the brand-new store-bought gifts, and you might not even sense that there is any danger whatsoever.

Because a lot of toxins are invisible to the naked eye, our sense of smell is often our first (and sometimes only) line of defense for keeping toxins out of our body, so please don't allow your sense of smell to be deceived, desensitized, or even addicted to harmful toxins by exposing yourself to frequent small doses of toxins from things like perfume, air fresheners, scented candles, laundry detergents, etc...


Think for a moment about just how strong and resilient the grass in your front yard is. (You can walk on it, you can run over it with a car, and you can even cut it with a lawnmower, and it will still continue to grow and thrive.)

But if you simply lay a towel over a patch of grass, and you leave it there for a few days so that the grass will be shielded from any sun exposure, the grass will turn pale and start to wither and die, and the same thing happens to us when we don't get enough sunlight.

The sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth, yet it can open and close all of the flowers on Earth, and it could also strengthen millions of people's immune systems if they started spending some time outside in the sun.

There is an old saying that "we are what we eat", and in the same way that a flower that is kept indoors will lean towards the window on sunny days, once I started eating a vegan diet which consisted entirely of plants (which are nourished by sunlight) I found myself looking out the window on sunny days and longing to be outside in the sun where I belong.

I believe that those who suffer from low energy and depression (and who also happen to be spending all of their time indoors and looking at screens) would literally feel like a battery being recharged if they started spending some time each day "unplugged" from technology and outside absorbing the sunshine, the fresh air, and the natural beauty!

Our ancient ancestors realized that without the sun we wouldn't be alive, but doctors today will often tell their patients that the sun causes cancer, and that we should either stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen if we are going to be outdoors.

But if going outside and getting some sun was bad for us, I would like to ask the following questions...

- Why is it that the body parts that men and women are the most likely to develop cancer in, just happens to be the intimate body parts that are the most covered up, and which rarely (if ever) get any sunlight exposure?

- Why is it that people's immune systems become the weakest during the winter, when they are spending the most time indoors and least time in the sun?

- Why is it that skin cancer is more common now than ever, despite the fact that we are spending far less time in the sun now than ever before in history? (Unlike our ancestors, most people these days work at jobs that are in-doors, do all of their traveling inside of enclosed vehicles, and spend most of their "free time" inside their house watching TV.)

I'm not suggesting that it would be impossible to get "too much" sun exposure, but I am suggesting that most people are getting "too little" sun exposure, and that "too much" and "too little" are both bad.

"Vitamin D" is often referred to as "The Sunshine Vitamin", because our bodies produce it as a result of sun exposure. But depending on where you live, you might only be able to produce "Vitamin D" from sun exposure during certain times of the year.

If you live in an area that has cold winters you may only be able to produce "Vitamin D" from sun exposure during the warmest 6 months of the year, and if you live in a tropical area that is warm all year long, you could technically produce "Vitamin D" from sun exposure any day of the year as long as it's not too cloudy.

If you can do it, I would encourage you to start sunbathing by laying outside with as little of clothing as possible. (And preferably none at all, because the more skin that is exposed the more absorption you will get, and because no part of your body is truly clean if it NEVER gets exposed to fresh air and sunlight.)

Where I live, I have neighbors who can see my backyard, but if I simply stack up some boxes I can build a "wall" which prevents them from being able to see and allows me the luxury of being able to sunbathe naked.

If you have really light skin, 20 - 30 minutes of direct sun exposure will probably be all the sun exposure you need in a day. And if you have really dark skin, you can (and should) spend about twice as much time in the sun since you have more "melanin".

"Melanin" is a natural "sunscreen" that our bodies developed through evolution, and the more of it you have, the darker your skin color will be. (Our ancestors who lived near the equator developed dark skin to protect themselves from the constant sun exposure they were getting, and our ancestors who lived in colder climates with long periods of winter developed lighter skin so they could easily absorb the sun in the rare times it was available.)

If you are living in a colder climate and you have to go several months in a row without adequate sun exposure, it would be wise to schedule any vacation time that you have for the middle of the winter and to go someplace warm and tropical so that you can get some sun exposure in the wintertime.

I personally like to spend the winter in "Costa Rica", and below are some pictures from my first winter there...



More than half of the deaths in the United States are due to "cancer", "diabetes", and "heart disease". And yet, we are still being told that there are no cures for these problems. (But that if we donate enough money to research, they might eventually find a cure.)

If you can spot what is wrong in the pictures above, CONGRADULATIONS! (Many people will not be able to spot what's wrong.)

Sometimes the solutions for our biggest problems are literally right in front of us, and sometimes our "common sense" can be more reliable than the advice of a doctor.

Imagine if you were storing water in buckets, but one of your buckets developed a small hole in it which caused water to slowly leak out of it. The "common sense" solution would be to fix the hole, but the medical solution would probably be to tell you that if you are losing a gallon of water a day due to the hole, then you should buy and add a gallon of their supplemental water each day to the leaky bucket so that the lost water will be replaced. And as the hole slowly gets larger over time, they will simply recommend that you keep increasing the dose. And once the hole gets so large that fixing it can no longer be put off, they will finally put some patch over the hole and fix it for you... But the patch that they use is not only incredibly expensive, but is made out of a cheap material that isn't expected to last. (Which means that a small hole will eventually develop, and that you will then have to start the entire process all over again!)

If the job of a doctor is to keep their patients healthy and well, then instead of getting a big financial bonus every time they write a prescription for a popular drug, then maybe they should be getting a bonus every time that one of their patients heals and is able to get off of a drug.

And if a doctor is quick to prescribe drugs without even bothering to enquire about your diet and lifestyle habits, then maybe that "doctor" is really a "drug pusher".

And as long as there is far more money to be made off of us being sick than well, "common sense" should tell us that we should try to take care of ourselves so that we will never have to turn to a backwards system like this for help.

The 2 most profitable industries in the world are "the fast food industry" and "the pharmaceutical industry", and this is because both of these industries work together by creating cravings and addictions in people that speak so loudly that it makes it difficult for people to hear what their actual body is trying to tell them.

If you drive past a fast food restaurant and a voice inside of you is telling you to go through the drive-thru, it is not your body who is telling you that, and for those who still have a lot of detoxing to do and who aren't yet able to eat intuitively, if you can't hear what your body is trying to tell you about fast food, then perhaps you should take the following advice from the fast food industry itself...


There are a lot of "health experts" out there these days, and the "health expert" who inspired me to get into health was a man named "Jack Lalanne" who literally spent the last 80 years of his life preaching about the importance of healthy eating and exercise...




Way back when televisions were still in black & white, "Jack Lalanne" had the very first exercise program on television, and even way back then, he was constantly telling his viewers that America had become the most overweight and unhealthy nation in the world, and that because other countries wanted to live like us, they too would end up with the same health problems as us if they started eating all the fast-food and processed junk-foods that we had recently started eating.

"Jack Lalanne" also opened one of the very first "gyms" in America, and he even invented a lot of the popular workout machines that can be found in almost every gym in the world, including the pull-down machine, the leg extension machine, and the smith machine.

He also held the world record for push-ups, he performed many incredible feats of strength throughout his lifetime, and even the exercise known as "jumping jacks" and the term "jacked" that is often used to describe a fit and muscular person were all named after him.

And even though he grew up during "the great depression" and had spent much of his early adult life being misunderstood and accused of being crazy by people who weren't ready for his health message, he also spent his life preaching about the importance of keeping a positive mental attitude.

He was an incredible example of what a "health expert" can be.

But a lot of the "health experts" these days NEVER even bother to bring up things like diet and lifestyle habits, and instead just seem to want to push drugs on everyone. And instead of wearing work-out clothes, "health experts" nowadays tend to wear business suits. And instead of talking about the importance of keeping a positive mental attitude, modern day "health experts" seem to want all of us to live in fear and will even threaten to go after anyone who disagrees with them with censorship and legal fines!

A lot of the most well-known and trusted "health experts" these days might not even exercise or eat any better than the average American does. (Which doesn't make them "bad people", but if someone isn't taking their own health all that seriously, it wouldn't be wise to trust them to take your health more seriously than their own.)

And instead of accusing all of the "health experts" who don't want to talk about diet and exercise of something "sinister" (like not really wanting people to be healthy, because there's no real money in healthy people) I will give them the benefit of a doubt and say that maybe they are just ignorant and don't know that diet and exercise are good for our health, and I still don't think that it would be wise to trust someone who doesn't know that with your health.

If you are going to trust someone else with something as important as your health, I would encourage you to have some really high standards, and to not automatically trust someone just because they are a doctor on TV who uses the word "science" a lot.

Also keep in mind that not all "experts" agree with each other, and that even the individual expert might keep changing their mind and disagreeing with their own recommendations, and that not only can scientists be wrong at times, but some of them can be arrogant beyond belief!


As far back as I can remember, I have always had a deep fascination with "outer space", and anyone who shares this fascination with me knows that sometimes astronomers will talk about their theories about the universe as if they were facts, and some of them seem to believe that they know exactly how the universe began, how the universe will end, whether there is life elsewhere in the universe, etc.

And while it may seem harmless for a scientist who studies outer space to believe that they have the universe completely figured out, if a scientist believes that they have human health completely figured out, AND they believe that they should have the legal right to force everyone on Earth to follow their personal health recommendations because they believe that they are smarter than all of us, we should not allow anyone to have that kind of power.

Back in the early 1900's, a lot of people were convinced that sickness and diseases would be virtually eliminated by the year 2000 thanks to all the pharmaceutical drugs that science was creating. And because of this belief, the natural remedies that people had been using for countless generations became looked at as "primitive" and "inferior" to the modern medicines that were being created in labs. So people stopped using "natural cures" (and even demonized the term) in favor of the new and improved remedies that could be purchased at any drug store.

Now that we are well into the 2,000's, we can look around and see that not only did pharmaceutical drugs not eliminate all sickness and disease by the year 2000, but there is actually MORE sickness and disease now than ever. (And all of the natural remedies that we used to turn to whenever we would get sick, have been virtually erased from our collective consciousness.)

"Medical science has made such tremendous progress, that there is hardly a healthy human left."
- Aldous Huxley

"Doctors put drugs of which they know little, into bodies of which they know less, for diseases of which they know nothing at all."
- Voltaire

"I declare as my conscientious conviction, founded on long experience and reflection, that if there were not a single physician, surgeon, man-midwife, chemist, apothecary, druggist, nor drug on the face of the Earth, there would be less sickness and less mortality than now prevail."
- James Johnston, M.D.

It was also believed in the early 1900's, that through the help of medical science, people would be living a lot longer by the year 2000. And although it's true that there are people today who are in their 80's, 90's, and even 100's, many of them are in nursing homes where they are confined to a bed or a wheelchair and are completely dependent on others to take care of them, and many of them don't even recognize their own children when they come to visit them. (If their family is even allowed to visit them due to the fact that they are so "high-risk".)

So rather than saying that people are "living" a longer life thanks to modern medicine, I think that it would be far more accurate to say that many of these people are "dying" a much slower death and are literally spending the last years or even decades of their lives on their deathbeds!

When an old person died in the past, it would often be quick and painless, and if there were any witnesses in the room when they died, they would usually say something like the following...

"Our Grandpa was just sitting there in his chair talking and he seemed perfectly fine, but then he suddenly closed his eyes and lowered his head, and that was how he died."

But nursing homes today are filled with old people who are dying such a slow and painful death, that when they finally do pass away, their loved ones will actually feel relieved and will be saying things like...

"At least Grandma can finally rest in peace and won't have to suffer any more."


Whenever talking about this subject, I always feel the need to stress that I'm not "against" drugs, doctors, and hospitals, and that I am grateful to know that there would likely be something, someone, or somewhere outside of myself that I could turn to for help if I ever needed to.

We should all feel grateful that we can call "911" if our life is ever in danger.

But I would hope that we can all agree that if someone is having to call "911" on a regular basis, that the best we can hope for that person is that they will someday no longer be in that kind of danger, rather than just hoping and settling for something that will help them feel less bad whenever danger strikes, and a healthy diet and lifestyle is usually the most preventative, healing, and transformative medicine one can take!