Jared Six Vegan Transformation


Hello, my name is "Jared Six", and I went vegan on the day that I turned 30 (which was October 6th, 2008) and I am currently 45 years old and have been a vegan for 15 years. (Or as I like to think of it, I'm 45 years old in "Human Years", and 15 years old in "Humane Years".)

Back when I first went vegan, there weren't as many vegans as there are today. (I had never actually met a vegan in real life before turning 30, and it was strongly believed back then that vegan diets were deficient in protein and that going vegan would cause you to become really skinny and weak.)

To make matters worse, I was already really skinny and weak to begin with, so I was nervous about going vegan, and my friends, family, and even my doctor at the time were all concerned about me going vegan as well.

But after watching the documentary "Earthling", I decided to go vegan anyways.

Within a month of being vegan, I felt so much more energetic that I suddenly started walking to places instead of driving to them, and I found that I enjoyed walking so much that I ended up getting rid of my car.

I then decided to try yoga, and I fell in love with it!

And even though I was the epitome of a "hardgainer", and even though I had just switched to a diet that many believed would be impossible to get bigger and stronger on, I started lifting weights with the hopes of finally gaining some healthy weight, and below are some pictures documenting how my body has changed since going vegan...


This was me shortly after going vegan (viewed from the front and the back) showing off how strong and flexible I was getting thanks to yoga and weightlifting.

As you can see, I was very underweight back when I first started this diet, and just to show that I had always been underweight, you can check out some pictures of what I looked like before going vegan by clicking HERE


"Muscles Starting to Sprout"

When I first shared this picture on-line, people who hadn't seen me in a while didn't even believe it was real, and they accused me of posting my head on someone else's body.

"Back Double Biceps"

And even I was starting to wonder if what I was seeing when I looked in the mirror was really me, or if it was just my head on someone else's body.


Some say that our bodies are completely replaced every 7 years, and if there is any truth to all that, it would mean that my body is completely "plant based" by now, and I definitely don't feel like I'm deficient in anything.


Celebrating 10 years of being 100% vegan, as well as 10 years of being 100% pharmaceutical drug free, because sickness just doesn't seem to know that I exist anymore.

I haven't even taken a cough drop since going vegan! (Which is kind of ironic, considering that so many people tried to talk me out of going vegan by telling me that if I went vegan, I was going to get really sick.)


For the past 15 years I've been on an all-vegan diet. (No meat, no dairy, and no eggs whatsoever.)

I also haven't taken any protein supplements in the past 15 years, and I don't even know how much protein is in anything that I eat.

Someone could EASILY get a lot more protein than I do on a vegan diet by simply looking up how much protein is in different vegan foods and intentionally eating the foods that are really high in it. Or they could just take a plant-based protein supplement and get as many grams of protein as could possibly want.

15 years would be a VERY long time to live without something that we "can't live without", and I seriously doubt that I could have spent the past 15 years suffering from something as serious as a "protein deficiency" without feeling some "suffering" along the way. (Much less feel BETTER than I did 15 years ago.)

I believe that plants aren't just a good source of protein... They are THE source of it. And instead of eating animals who eat plants, or eating animals who eat animals who eat plants, I will continue to avoid eating animals by eating plants directly.