100 Heroin Needles I Found Littered on the Ground

This is a voodoo doll I made with 100 used heroin needles I found littered throughout my neighborhood, and I made it as a symbolic reminder that when we pollute the planet, we are putting a curse on others.

Sometimes when I'm picking up litter, I'll get stopped by the police and asked what I'm up to, and luckily, I wasn't stopped when I rounded up all these heroin needles, because even if I told them the truth (that the reason I had a bunch of heroin needs on me was just because I found them on the ground and that I was just wanting to put them into a voodoo doll to encourage people not to litter) they probably would have been convinced that I was a crazy person.

But like they say, "you have to be different to make a difference" and I find that sometimes we have to be perfectly willing to risk be seen as crazy if we want to help bring attention to the real insanity that is happening in the world.

Call me crazy if you wish, but whenever I see litter in the environment, I see it as a "curse" that is being put on the future, and whenever I see a volunteer going around and removing litter from the environment, I see that person as a blessing to the future.