10,000 plastic shopping bags that I found littered throughout my own neighborhood. To see more pictures of these bags and learn more about this, please CLICK HERE

Did you know that so many plastic bags end up on the ground as litter, that if you look at a list of the top 10 most common types of litter, "plastic bags" are actually on the list twice???

According to these top 10 lists, "Plastic Shopping Bags" are one of the 10 most common types of litter, but also on the list is what is simply referred to as "Other Plastic Bags". (Which means any plastic bags that aren't "shopping bags".)

And there is such an outrageous amount of "Other Plastic Bags" ending up as litter on the ground, that to help demonstrate how out of control this problem is, I went on a hunt for "Plastic De-Icing Salt bags", and I was actually able to find 100 DIFFERENT VARIETIES of them littered along the highway!

And I also re-used all of these bags as "trash bags" to help clean up the highway and to help demonstrate that we don't really "need" to buy plastic trash bags to clean up a lot of litter. (Just make the first piece of litter that you pick up be a plastic bag, or a cardboard box, or some other empty container and you'll be on your way.)

One of the most shocking things to me about litter, is the amount of litter that I find which appears to have never even been used. (Including plastic bags that are unopened and still have products inside them.)

I recently went "fishing", and I was able to round up 100 newspaper bags that were littered in ditches along the road. (And that still had newspapers inside of them!)

Ditches lead to creeks, which lead to rivers, which lead to ocean, and there is already so much man-made junk in the ocean that last thing the ocean needs right now is our "junk mail".

If you're going to take anything out of the waters, please consider litter.

More plastic bags are ending up on the ground as litter than most people realize, and this is partially because a lot of plastic bags aren't even considered "plastic bags".

One of the most common types of litter on the planet is "Plastic Food Wrappers", and a lot of them are technically plastic bags, but not everyone thinks of them as "bags".

A lot of people might not think of a balloon as a plastic bag either, but the dictionary definition of a ballon is...

"A bag made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated with air or gas that is lighter than air, and used for decorative purposes."

And because all of the balloons in this picture are "Mylar" balloons (which means they are made of plastic) they are all technically "plastic bags".

Like they say, "What goes up, must come down." and there's no telling where a balloon that floats way up into the sky will ultimately end up. (I found most of these balloons in the woods, and I seriously doubt that it's because people are celebrating things like "Mothers Day" in the woods.)

Balloons can (and always have been) harmful to wildlife (the earliest balloons were actually made out of animal bladders) and if we are going to drive any more animals into extinction, "Balloon Animals" would be best.

Some people have asked me why I'm holding a weapon in these photos, or why I'm making such a big deal about plastic bags, and my response is that plastic in the environment is a dangerous weapon.

Maybe a piece of plastic needs to be shaped like a weapon for it to start to look menacing, or maybe an on-line search for "side effects of plastic pollution" will be enough to make plastic start to look dangerous, but the bottom line is that plastic does not belong in the environment, so please join me in my efforts to help keep plastic and other litter out of the environment, and let's popularize "Litter Hunting". (If hunting animals can be considered a "sport" than this can be a "sport" too.)