1,000 Pieces Of Plastic Silverware I Found Littered On The Ground

Please try to avoid using disposable plastic silverware. There are 1,000 of them in this picture, and for the record there are...

646 Spoons
304 Fork
29 Knives
18 Sporks

Based on these numbers there are so few knives that most people probably wouldn't need to start carrying a knife with them everywhere they go if they are wanting to avoid using plastic silverware, and for a lot of people just keeping a metal spoon and fork in their locker at work would probably be all they would have to do to no longer need to use plastic silverware.

Plastic silverware might not seem like a big deal, but if you eat 3 meals a day and you use a piece of disposable plastic silverware at each meal you will end up throwing away over 1,000 pieces of plastic silverware in a year. (And even if you only use 1 piece of plastic silverware a day but you get it from one of those little plastic bags that contains a plastic spoon, a plastic fork, and a plastic knife, and then afterwards you throw the whole thing away you will still be throwing away over 1,000 pieces of plastic silverware each year.)

And besides, plastic silverware is flimsy and can easily break, while metal silverware is so durable and hard to break that the only time I've ever seen it happen is in those old videos where people who claim to have psychic powers are pretending to bend spoons with their minds. (And even if you believe in the supernatural, don't you think that even the devil himself would have to agree that a single metal pitchfork wouldn't be anywhere near as sinister of a weapon as tons of disposable plastic ones which will each slowly break down into a zillion tiny pieces of toxic terror?)

"If The Devil Is Real, He Uses Disposable Plastic Pitchforks!"