Nuts & Seeds

I highly recommend that you eat nuts and seeds and below are some tips for getting the most benefits from them...



There is a major difference between nuts & seeds that are "raw" and nuts and seeds that aren't "raw" and the difference is "life" and "death"...

If you planted a raw almond in the ground you would get an almond tree, and if you planted some raw pumpkin seeds in the ground they would grow into pumpkins, but unfortunately almost all of the nuts and seeds that are sold in stores these days have been roasted, toasted, or pasteurized in order to extend their shelf life and these heating processes usually kill the nuts and seeds as well as cause them to lose some of their nutritional value, and to make matters worse most of them also have added salt and added oils. (Please understand that when you take something like almonds and you roast them at 350 degrees and then you dip them in oil and salt you are taking a "health food" and turning it into a "junk food".)

A lot of people don't realize just how much of the foods that they eat are actually seeds. Oats, Rice, Wheat, Corn, and Beans are all seeds, and even things like Cocoa Powder is simply ground up Cocoa Seeds. But if you took a bag of "Quaker Oats", or a box of "Uncle Ben's Rice", or a can of "Bush's Baked Beans" and you planted them in the ground none of it would grow into anything because they're all dead and lifeless seeds due to all of the heating and processing that they have undergone, and a lot of people are living on a diet that is mostly made up of "Dead Seeds" and other "Dead Things" which is why when they switch to a diet that is based on living foods they will suddenly feel a lot more "alive".)


* Just 1 apple seed can grow into an apple tree that will produce over 10,000 apples in it's lifetime!

* There have been cases where seeds that were over 1,000 years old were found in the ruins of ancient cities and when they were planted they still grew!

* Millions of the trees in America are here just because squirrels will bury tree nuts in the ground to eat later and then forget where they buried them! (This is known as "Accidental Squirrel Gardening".)

* Some seeds are so tough and resilient that you could literally take a hand full of them and throw them off the top of a skyscraper to the concrete road below, then you could run over them with a school bus, and then you could sweep them up and throw them off a bridge into a river, and when they hit the water they will start to germinate and once they wash up onto a shore they will sprout and grow there!


Not only will nuts and seeds that are still in their shells retain more nutrients, but if you have to crack them open yourself you will be far less likely to overeat them. (Which is important because it is very easy to overeat on nuts and seeds.)

In nature you would have to take the time to crack nuts and seeds open yourself but in grocery stores you can find big bags of already shelled and ready to eat nuts and seeds that you can mindlessly eat by the handfuls, as well as jars of "Nut Butter" like "Peanut Butter", "Almond Butter", and "Cashew Butter" which are especially easy to overindulge in since you don't even have to take the time to chew them. (Nuts and seeds are very nutritious, but they are also very calorically dense and on average are arond 80% fat, so an ounce or two a day can be beneficial, but a pound a day is way too much in my opinion.)


Nuts and seeds contain something known as "enzyme inhibitors" and the purpose of enzyme inhibitors are to protect the nuts and seeds by keeping them in a hibernation state until the right conditions for life to begin present themselves (such as rain) and soaking nuts and seeds in a bowl of water is one way of "tricking" the enzyme inhibitors into thinking that it's time to let the seeds "wake up" and start to grow.)

Nuts and seeds are harder to digest than fruits and vegetables, but if you remove their enzyme inhibitors and turn on their life force it will be easier to digest them, plus soaking nuts and seeds will also raise their water content and make them bigger and more filling and hydrating.

Below is a chart which shows how long you need to soak the various kinds of nuts and seeds in order to remove their enzyme inhibitors. Keep in mind that the nuts and seeds will expand as they are soaking in the water so only fill your container about half full of nuts and seeds, then fill the container all the way with clean water. Once the recommended soaking time has passed drain the water (which will likely look really brown adn dirty due to the phytic acid that was removed from the nuts during soaking) and then rinse the nuts and seeds well before eating them.


Once you have soaked your nuts and seeds you can then take it a step further by actually sprouting them.

When you sprout nuts and seeds they become a lot easier to digest and a lot more nutritious. (In fact, even hard grains that normally have to be cooked such as Beans, Chick Peas, and Lentils can actually be eaten raw if you take the time to sprout them first.) Of course, in order for nuts and seeds to sprout they have to be alive, and if you have ever wondered if the "raw" nuts and seeds that you buy are truly "raw" there is no better way to find out than to see what happens if you try to sprout them.

I used to live on an organic fruit farm that was really fertile and a lot of times when I would open up a homegrown mango or a homegrown avocado the seed inside was already starting to sprout, and when I would plant papayas seeds I didn't even have to plant them in the ground because if I simply dropped papaya seeds on the ground they would quickly sprout and dig themselves into the ground!

There are a countless variety of seeds that you can sprout and they all have their own unique sprouting instructions, but if you buy a packet of sproutable seeds at a health food store or on-line it will come with detailed instructions.


There are quite a few different kinds of edible nuts and seeds out there, so ideally don't limit yourself to just "Peanuts".

Nuts and seeds can also be stored for very long periods of time, so why not stock up and have a handful of Almonds today, a handful of Pumpkin Seeds tomorrow, and maybe a few Brazil Nuts the next day?

Keep in mind that all nuts and seeds have their own unique nutritional benefits (Pumpkin Seeds are really high in "Zinc", Flax Seeds are really high in "Omega 3 Fatty Acids", Brazil Nuts are really really high in "Selenium", etc) so eating a variety of nuts and seeds will help you to get the full benefits of having nuts and seeds in your diet, while also making it unlikely that you will be getting too much of a good thing.


If there was one nut (or one food for that matter) that I would recommend above all others it is definitely coconuts!

When a coconut is young it is green on the outside and full of water on the inside, and as the coconut ages it turns brown on the outside and the water inside of it will harden and become coconut "meat". I feel that it is best to consume coconuts when they are still fairly young because they still contain a lot of water and the edible "meat" inside of it is still soft and jelly-like and will be a lot easier to digest than hard coconut that you find at grocery stores.

When most people hear the word "paradise" they immediately think of a tropical beach because it is the ideal environment for human health and vitality, and tropical beaches are also where coconut trees naturally grow and therefore we would have an abundant supply of coconuts if we lived in "paradise". So if you want to take you health to a higher level I encourage you to drink coconut water, eat coconut "meat", and spend more time where the coconuts grow!