6 Reasons To Avoid Processed Food

If you went to 10 different stores and you bought a "Snickers" Bar at each one, and then you went home and lined them all up side-by-side they would all look exactly the same. And if you then took a bite of each one you would notice that they all tasted exactly the same as well. Stay away these kinds of foods, they are highly processed to maintain their consistent look and taste and below are 6 reasons that you should avoid eating them...


Below is a typical example of a day's worth of food if you are following a "Standard American Diet" (S.A.D.) as well as all of the ingredients that are listed in the processed versions of these foods from some of the most popular name brands.

There are so many ingredients that unless you are viewing this on a movie screen there is no way that you will be able to view this list without scrolling up and down!

The spell checker that I used didn't even recognize a lot of these ingredients, and it is highly unlikely that your body will recognize or know what to do with a lot of these ingredients either...


Our taste buds are designed to seek out sweet, salty, and fatty flavors and processed food companies take advantage of this by adding outrageous amounts of sugar, salt, and fat to their products to make them more addicting to us, and when you eat a lot of processed foods your taste buds become so desensitized from all of this unnatural stimulation that they are no longer sensitive enough to fully appreciate the taste of natural foods like fruits and vegetables.

The good news though is that our taste buds are alive and they only have a lifespan of about a month, so if you can avoid eating any processed foods for 30 days your taste buds will become a lot more sensitive, and once you have your "new and improved" taste buds fruit will taste so much sweeter to you that whenever you eat it you will feel like you are eating candy, and whenever you eat vegetables you will be able to taste their organic sodium (salt) a lot more than you used to, and whenever you eat foods like avocados that are high in healthy fats it will be just as satisfying to you as the foods that are high in unhealthy fats such as cheese and butter used to be.

I also want to point out that ironically most of the processed foods that people are so addicted to are so heavily processed that they would literally taste like nothing if it wasn't for all of the artificial flavorings and spices that are added to them. (Chicken nuggets for example are said to taste like paste before they are given all of their flavor enhancements.) So if you feel like you aren't ready yet to give up the addicting taste of these kinds of foods just know that you could literally make vegetables taste that addicting if you gave them the same flavor enhancements. (Give "Cauliflower Buffalo Wings" a try if you don't believe me.)


Many adults swear that their mom's home cooking is still the best food that they have ever eaten, (even if their mom will be the first to tell you that they aren't very good at cooking) and the reason that so many people prefer their mom's home cooking over all other foods is because it was made specifically for them by someone who loves and cares about them.

Processed foods are made with greed, not love, and they certainly aren't made by companies who care about your health, (In most cases processed foods are prepared by unconscious machines or by people who hate their jobs, and in some cases they are even made using slave labor.) so if you are going to eat processed foods or give it to a loved one ideally make it yourself using "minimal processing" (such as by blending 2 or 3 healthy ingredients that combine well with each other into a smoothie) and make it with love.

It might sound a bit "esoteric" to some, but eating foods that were made with love really does make a huge difference, and so does eating foods that were made with hate. (If you went to a restaurant and right before you walked in you noticed that the chefs were outside taking a smoke break and they were all complaining about their jobs and talking about how bad they wanted to quit, would you still want to go inside and eat there?)


Just because the brand name of a frozen microwave dinner is "Healthy Choice" it doesn't mean that it is healthy, and if you are going to buy something processed you need to be paying far more attention to the ingredient list than the brand name or the picture that is on the front of the box, can, jar, or bag.

More and more people are starting to become health conscientious and because of this virtually all processed food companies are coming out with health claims that are specifically designed to get people to think that their products are healthy, and below are some common health claims that you have probably seen on processed food labels...

Did you know that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the health claims listed above could be put on something like broccoli? But you don't see health claims like these on fruits and vegetables, and instead processed food companies will take 1 of these claims such as "Low in Fat" and put it on something like a box of microwave popcorn to give people the impression that they are getting a healthy product, when in reality they aren't.

Sure, "Cheerios" is "High in Fiber", but so is the cardboard box that it comes in and it doesn't make it a "health food".

Another big problem to be aware of is that processed food companies will often not list every single ingredient that is in their product, (If they did many ingredient lists would be 2 or 3 times as long as they already are.) and they get away with this by taking several ingredients and calling them 1 generic plural name like "artificial flavors". (Which could literally be dozens of different chemicals that have no place in the human body.) Like they say, if you can't pronounce an ingredient or you don't know what it is it would be wise to avoid eating it, and the best choice of all would be to only buy foods that have one ingredient in them.

(Example: "Watermelon" - Ingredients: "Watermelon".)


One time I was talking to a woman about the benefits of eating a raw food diet and she told me, "You don't understand, I would die if I could never eat "Eggo Waffles" again!" I had to laugh when she said it, but the scary truth was that she wasn't trying to be funny. Processed foods are designed to be so addicting that it is hard to even imagine being able to live without them, and processed food companies will literally spend millions of dollars a year on research to discover ways to make their products even more addicting so that people will become loyal life-long consumers of their brands.

In the documentary "Super Size Me" the man who lived on nothing but McDonalds food for 30 days said that when he was eating the McDonald's food he would feel really happy, but then in between meals he would start to feel down for no apparent reason, and then once he started eating the McDonald's food again he would instantly feel better again. (If that's not a drug I don't know what is!)

Recently there was a man in America who became so overweight that he could no longer fit through the front door of his house and fire fighters had to come and tear down a wall in his house just so he could get out. On the other side of the world thousands of children in Africa die every day due to starvation and what's mind-blowing about all this is that the starving children in Africa and the overweight man in America who got stuck inside his own house are actually both suffering from the same problem. (Malnutrition) The starving children in Africa are malnourished because they aren't getting enough to eat and the overweight man in America was malnourished because he was eating nothing but processed junk foods that were really high in calories but devoid of nutrition so no matter how much he would eat he would just feel hungry again an hour or two later, and as crazy as it might sound even though the man weighed over 1,000 pounds / 500 kilos his body was starving!


When you eat natural foods it strengthens your connection with nature and when you eat a bag of "Doritos" or drink a bottle of "Coca-Cola" you are literally disconnecting yourself from nature, and if you want physical proof of this, simply go to a beautiful natural setting (like a beach) and take a look at all of the empty soda bottles and junk food wrappers that people will carelessly throw on the ground after consuming these products.