The next time you go to the beach, or to a foreign country, or even just for a walk around town please make it a point to pick up a piece of litter while you are there.

And if it only takes you a moment or two to pick it up and you get a good feeling from doing it, then try to get into the habit of doing this anytime you travel somewhere, so that EVERYWHERE you visit in the future will be a little more beautiful because you were there.

One of the reasons that so many single-use throw-away items (like this old rusty "Pepsi" can) ends up on the ground as litter is because a lot of people have the attitude that "It's just one, and one isn't going to make a difference."

This "retro litter" I found in the forest appears to have been there for several decades, and it's important to realize that if everyone who ever lived looked at litter with the attitude of "I'm not picking that up!" then all of the litter that has ever been thrown into the environment would still be there. (Except for any biodegradable litter that had enough time and the right conditions needed to decompose.)

But with a positive mental attitude things that seem "too hard" to others can start to feel almost "too easy", and you may very well find yourself wanting to pick up a lot more than just one piece of litter.

But even the journey of picking up a zillion pieces of litter begins with one, and if you know and live as if one can make a difference, then someday the world it's self may be a more beautiful place because you were here.