Eating Meat Creates Bad Karma

As long as one form of injustice is not only legal but is encouraged other forms of injustice will continue to exist in our culture.

"Cruelty", "Suffering", "Slavery", "Murder", "Rape", and even "Child Abuse" all take place every single day in the meat, dairy, and egg industries, and if it is your desire to be a "Kind", "Loving", "Compassionate", "Ethical", "Caring" and "Peaceful" person you will not be able to reach your true potential as long as you are supporting this kind of violence by paying for it to continue to happen.

Below are 6 reasons why I feel that consuming meat, dairy, and eggs is bad for our karma, and as you are reading this please remember that "what goes around comes around", and "you are what you eat"...


The only reason that animals in factory farms are able to live until the day that they are slaughtered is because they are slaughtered at such a young age, and below are some statistics on how young the most commonly farmed animals (pigs, cows, and chickens) are when they are slaughtered...

The Natural Lifespan Of A Pig Is 12 Years

* Pigs raised for ham and bacon are killed when they are only 6 months old!

The Natural Lifespan Of A Cow Is 22 Years

* Cows raised for milk are killed when they are only 4 years old!

* Cows raised for beef are killed when they are only 1 1/2 years old!

* Cows raised for veal meat are killed when they are only 4 months old!

The Natural Lifespan Of A Chicken Is 8 Years

* Chickens raised for their eggs are killed when they are only 1 1/2 years old!

* Chickens raised for their meat are killed when they are only 6 weeks old!

* Chickens who are born male are killed on their day of birth!

So in other words most of the animals that we eat are still babies when they are killed!

Animals today are commonly given lots of growth hormones to speed up their growth so they can be slaughtered at younger and younger ages, and I don't think that it's a coincidence that children today are reaching puberty a full 5 years earlier than they were before the animals that we eat were being given these growth hormones.

And although most children want to hurry up and become adults (and some parents are actually proud of the fact that their kids are already developing breasts and facial hair even though they are only 10 years old) it is important to realize this is "premature ageing" and eating animals who were pumped up with growth hormones may cause us to prematurely age and to die long before we reach our natural life expectancy.


If the slaughter of an animal isn't quick and painless and the animal experiences a lot of fear and trauma at the end of it's life it will release a lot of adrenaline, which is a hormone that is often referred to as the "fight or flight" hormone.

This hormone will remain in the animal's meat and is toxic to us when we eat it, and besides being toxic some believe that when people consume meat that has a lot of adrenaline it can cause them to become far more likely to snap and go into "fight or flight" mode over little things that they would otherwise be able to ignore. (Like a stranger accidentally bumping into them when they are walking down the street.)

For many of the animals who are being raised as food every moment of their existence is torture. They are kept in cages so small that they can't even turn around which leads to mental problems as well as aggression and fighting, so to stop them from fighting farmers will remove certain body parts from their animals...

- The chickens will have their beaks cut off so they can't peck each other.

- The pigs will have their teeth off so they can't bite each other.

- The cows have their horns cut off so they can't gore each other.

And even if an animal gets "humanely slaughtered" it typically means that they get shot in the head with a bolt gun, and this doesn't always kill or even knock them unconscious, so many animals are not only still alive but are fully conscious when their bodies get dismembered!

And even if an animal's death at the slaughterhouse is quick and painless animals are smart enough to know what is going on when they enter a slaughterhouse. They can smell the blood, they can hear the screams of their brothers and sisters, and they are clearly terrified. (Which is why workers have to use electric prods to make them march to their death.) So animals like this will no doubt be producing a lot of adrenaline during their last horrific hour of life!


Not only do most farm animals never mate but most of them never even get to see the opposite sex due to the segregation on factory farms. (Female dairy cows who are raised for there milk never interact with adult male cows who are being raised for their meat because they are usually being raised on completely separate farms that are miles apart from each other.)

Pigs actually have their testicles cut off when they are young (and without anesthetics) so that they will be less aggressive and will fight less when they are in their overcrowded cages, and because of selective breeding practices turkeys now have such unnaturally large breasts that they have difficulty even standing up, and they are no longer able to physically mate on their own.

So in order to have babies (and in order to have as many babies as the meat industry wants them to) most farm animals are "artificially inseminated" against their will by humans, and they are kept perpetually pregnant.

If you think that referring to these kinds of artificial breeding practices as "sexual assault" is extreme I would encourage you to actually watch how they are done, or to simply ask yourself why it would be completely wrong to do any of theses things to a human but not to an animal.)

Sexual assault is very common in human culture and so is meat eating, and because I have been a vegan activist for a number of years I can tell you that one of the most common excuses that I hear from men is that they can't be a vegan because they believe that men who don't eat meat aren't "manly enough" and that when men stop eating meat they become less aggressive and more sensitive.

Even if that was true wouldn't there almost have to be a lot less sexual assault in society if men become less aggressive and more sensitive?


I used to go to the zoo as a child and back then I never thought of the animals as "prisoners" (even though they were all behind bars) but one day when I was a young adult I went to the zoo and when I walked into a monkey exhibit I was shocked to see that not only did the monkeys look like humans to me but they looked like depressed humans!

They looked so board and lonely as they just sat there locked in their small cages and completely deprived of their natural life outdoors.

I never went to a zoo or a circus after that and it was one of the many moments in my life that ultimately lead me to becoming vegan.

There are prisons that have decided to stop serving their inmates meat and the violence of their prisoners went down after making this dietary change, and I believe that if society stops eating imprisoning animals less people will be imprisoned as well.

Sometimes when people see footage from slaughterhouses they feel so badly for the animals that they stop eating meat but they will still consume dairy and eggs because they imagine that cows who are being raised for milk and chickens who are being raised for eggs live a happy life and aren't killed, but unfortunately these female animals actually have a far worse life (and death) than the animals who are being raised just for their meat because they are forced to be slaves...


Like humans cows won't produce milk unless they get pregnant, and since humans want all of the milk for themselves as soon as the cow gives birth her baby is stolen from her, and then she is impregnated again so she will keep producing milk.

Like humans cows love and care about their baby so this separation of the mother and the child is very traumatic for the mother cow and she will usually cry for days.

She is also given hormones to make her produce 10 times as much milk as she would naturally, and to get every last drop of milk out of her that they can farmers will hook painful suction hoses up to her utters to extract more milk.

She will continue to be forced to pump out babies and pump out milk until her body starts to ware out and she can no longer produce enough milk to be profitable, and then she is sent to the slaughterhouse.

So if you drink milk please know that dairy cows end up being slaughtered too, and consider that even the worst criminals in history didn't receive the amount of punishment that a dairy cow (who is 100% innocent) is forced to endure just because we choose to drink milk...

- Dairy Cows spend their entire life in a small cage. (Solitary Confinement)

- Dairy Cows are impregnated against their will through artificial insemination. (Multiple Rapes)

- Dairy Cows have all of their babies taken away from them the day they that they are born. (Multiple Kidnappings)

- Dairy Cows are slaughtered once they are unable to produce as much milk as the dairy industry wants them to. (Death sentence)

To make matters worse any babies that a dairy cow has who are females will be forced to be a dairy cows as well, and any babies that a dairy cow has who are males will be sold to the veal industry.

"Veal" literally means "baby cow meat" and it is produced by putting baby cows in small crates and chaining up their arms and legs so that they can't move, which results in no muscle formation and extra soft meat. These baby cows are also intentionally fed a diet that is deficient in iron so that they will become anemic and their meat will be white instead of red, because the soft white meat is considered a "delicacy" to some.

No cow has ever done anything to deserve this kind of torture, and no human really needs to drink cow milk...

* No other species drinks milk after its infancy.

* No other species drinks milk from a different species.


Chickens are forced to lay 10 times as many eggs as they would naturally so their bodies quickly ware out due to all of the stress and trauma, and once a chicken can no longer produce as many eggs as the egg industry wants her to she will be sent to the slaughterhouse.

So if you eat eggs please know that egg laying chickens get slaughtered as well, and that because male chicks are worthless to the egg industry all male chicks are killed on the day that they are born by either being thrown into a large meat grinder while they are still alive or by being put into garbage bags and thrown in a dumpster while they are still alive, and over 6 billion male chicks are killed this way every year by the egg industry!


Regardless of whether the label says "organic", "free range", or any other humane sounding label, once animals are no longer profitable they are usually killed, and even sheep who are being raised for their wool will get slaughtered as soon as they can no longer produce enough of it.

So the only way to end this injustice is to make make animal exploitation it's self no longer profitable by refusing to buy it anymore.

Please do not buy meat, dairy, and eggs, or leather, fur, and wool for that matter, and buy things like "Almond Milk" instead of cow milk so that food growers will get the message that if they want to make a lot of money in the future they should stop raising animals and start growing plant based alternatives to meet the demands of consumers.


If you were a cattle farmer and one of your cows spent it's whole life being sick and you were constantly having to have a veterinarian come over and give the sick cow antibiotics, would you feel safe eating it's meat when it died?

It is estimated that 80% of all of the antibiotics that are produced in America are given to animals who are being raised for human consumption, and I believe that about 80% of the illnesses that humans are plagued with could be healed or prevented if people stopped eating animals.

Factory farms try to save space by cramming their animals as closely together as possible. (Such as in large chicken shacks were literally over 100,000 chickens are crammed into one building.) On farms like this it would be physically impossible to actually keep all of the animal cages clean and sanitary so the animals have to stand, sit, and even sleep in their own urine and feces.

Factory farms can be so unsanitary that people living within several miles of them can get sick from the smell, and when the animals are finally taken out of their cages and sent to the slaughterhouse it sometimes requires bulldozers just to haul away all of the manure that piled up in these buildings when they were being raised!

In Europe there were deadly plagues because people were throwing their raw sewage into the streets, and it makes no sense to believe that living that way would make humans sick and diseased, but that it would be totally safe to eat animals who were raised in even more unsanitary conditions.

Animals today are raised indoors and in very small cages, and due to a complete lack of physical exercise and sunlight (which are just as necessary for the health of animals as they are for the health of humans) combined with the fact that they are under unimaginable amounts of stress and are surrounded by urine and feces they are guaranteed to get sick, so antibiotics are necessary when animals are being raised in such unhealthy and unsanitary conditions.

There are several videos on-line that show cows who are so sick that they can't even walk being picked up with a forklift or tied to the back of a truck and dragged to the slaughterhouse so they can be turned into meat which will then be sold to the public. (These cows are referred to as "downers" and even if they are rare like the meat industry claims, remember that the meat from just one animal can literally end up in thousands of different food products due to the way that most meat is processed.)

The meat industry claims that health inspectors come in and inspect their animals to make sure that they are healthy and safe to eat, but keep in mind that over 100 BILLION animals are killed each year for human consumption, which makes me wonder how in the world they could possibly have enough inspectors to inspect 100 BILLION different animals every year.

But the scariest thing of all is that the excessive amounts of antibiotics that the animals are given can result in the formation of antibiotic resistant bacteria which will not only cause the people who eat the sick animals to become sick, but could also lead to the outbreak of a deadly pandemic disease that no current existing antibiotic could cure!


Sometimes people get offended over referring to the killing of animals as "murder", but at the same time many of them would admittedly have to be vegetarians if the only way that they could eat meat was to kill an animal themselves because they would feel morally wrong about doing it.

And because the overwhelming majority of people don't want to kill animals themselves a very small percentage of people out there have to kill over 100 billion animals a year for the rest of us, and I would encourage you to stop and think about what a job like that would do to a person.


Do you think that it's possible for someone to turn their heart off for 8 hours a day and kill defenseless animals? And do you believe that once their shift is over they can simply turn their heart back on and go home and be a loving husband and a loving father?

Imagine that your job required you to kill a certain number of animals every hour and that no matter how much screaming and suffering you witnessed you had to just keep killing these frightened and defenseless animals without mercy if you wanted to keep your job.

Not only are the animals exploited but so are many of the workers. Many workers in slaughterhouses are minorities who feel that they have nowhere else to turn to, and who can be forced to work long hours for little pay.

And because of our high demand for meat combined with the competitive nature within the industry slaughterhouse workers are forced to work so fast that their jobs becomes among the most dangerous in the world, and every year there are many cases of slaughterhouse workers losing their fingers, or one of their arms, or even their own life due to becoming victims of the dangerous weapons that they have to work with.

Our choice to eat meat creates jobs where people have to kill for a living, and even if someone actually liked working at a slaughterhouse and had fun killing animals would you feel safe living anywhere near that person?

Please be vegan and help to create a world where there are no jobs that require people to kill for a living.


Many people around the world suffer and die due to hunger and lack of drinking water, yet the animals who we raise as food NEVER experience hunger or thirst, and are purposely being fattened up.

Instead of eating their natural diets farm animals are usually fed grains and they have to eat about 16 pounds of grains in order to gain 1 pound of meat, which is why virtually all of the grains that are grown in America are actually consumed by livestock...

- Over 80% of the corn in America is fed to livestock.

- Over 85% of the soy in America is fed to livestock.

- Over 95% of oats in America are fed to livestock.

The amount of grains that we feed to farm animals is enough to end world hunger many times over, but instead we choose to take this enormous amount of grains and convert it into a much, much, much smaller amount of meat and billions of tons of manure! (This has been referred to as "The most wasteful recycling program ever created by man".)

Animal agriculture is also responsible for 50% of the water used in the "United States" and it requires over 1,000 gallons of drinking water just to produce a gallon of milk and over 2,000 gallons of water just to produce a pound! (And to make matters worse the manure that factory farm animals produce also ends up in our rivers and oceans which results in a serious shortage of safe drinking water.)

As the human population grows the last thing that we should be doing is actually increasing the amount of animal foods that we consume. (Which is exactly what we are being encouraged to do in the media.)

And what's really scary about this is the fact that other countries are starting to eat the way that Americans do. (Restaurants such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King, and Taco Bell are popping up all over the world like a virus.) So it is crucial that everyone becomes more aware of just how unsustainable and cruel the American way of eating really is before karma decides that the human race has been causing so many other species to go extict that it is time for humanity to feel what it's like.