100 Heroin Needles I Found Littered On The Ground

A Voodoo Doll With 100 Heroin Needles In It.

This is an art project that I made using heroin needles that I found littered throughout my area, to help show that when we trash the planet, we are putting a curse on future generations!

Regardless of whether litter is overtly dangerous (such as sharp drug needles or sharp pieces of broken glass) or overtly toxic (such as cigarette butts or left over cans of spray paint) or something as seemingly harmless as a plastic bag, the amount of harm that litter can end up causing to other people and other species is scarier than any horror movie!

But by taking steps to reduce and remove man-made pollution from the environment, we can offer a true blessing to others instead of a curse.

By doing these projects I get stopped by the police a lot just because they want to know what I'm picking up and why I'm doing it, and luckily they never stopped me when I had a bunch of used heroin needles on me, because even if I explained to them that I just needed them because I wanted to put them in a voodoo doll it probably wouldn't have gone well.

I should also mention that even the voodoo doll it's self was a creepy kid's doll I found littered on the ground. But I of course (witch) doctored it up a bit by giving it some buttons and some stitches ;)