What I would say is that even if we were "Natural Meat Eaters" that would mean that we should be eating "Natural Meats" and virtually none of the meats that people are eating today could be considered "natural"...


Even if we were natural meat eaters and we needed to eat meat to survive and be healthy do we really need to eat it every single day, or even every single meal like the average person does?

The average person's daily diet is going to be something like the following...

1. Bacon & Eggs for breakfast.

2. Ham & Cheese Sandwich for lunch.

3. Meat & Potatoes for dinner.

And don't forget about the "All You Can Eat Chicken Wings" special at the bar on game night, or the "Meat Lover's Pizza" at "Pizza Hut" with 8 different kinds of meat on it, or the millions of turkeys that have to be sacrificed every November just so we can have a traditional "Thanksgiving" dinner.

No one can realistically argue that we need to eat anywhere near as much meat as we currently do, so if we try to justify our choice to consume meat by saying that it is necessary for our health then we have a moral obligation to figure out how much meat we actually need, and to try not to exceed that amount so that we aren't causing unnecessary death and suffering.


- The meat in a McDonald's hamburger typically comes from over 100 different cows!!!

Because of the way that most meat is processed these days the meat from just one animal can literally end up in thousands of products that will be distributed to grocery stores, restaurants, and school lunch programs all across the country and possibly even abroad. So whenever there is a meat recall due to E. Coli millions and millions of tons worth of meatwill often have to be recalled because of it.

"Processed Meats" make up a big portion of the meat that people are consuming today, so if we use the argument that our ancient ancestors ate meat and therefore we should eat meat like they did simply look the ingredient list on processed meats such as "Hot Dogs", "Bologna" and "Bacon" and ask yourself if this is what our ancient ancestors were eating or if the meats that we are eating today would have killed our ancient ancestors in the past and will kill us in the future if we don't stop eating them. (The "World Health Organization" recently declared that processed meats are a "carcinogen" to the body.)


Today 98% of the animals who are being raised for food are raised in factory farms. So even if you only buy "unprocessed meats" you should know it is still "unnatural" if it came from a factory farm where the animals were fed a completely unnatural diet, were raised in a totally unnatural environment, and were given growth hormones to make them grow unnaturally big and fast.


If you put some raw meat (such as beef, chicken, or pork) in your mouth and your natural instincts are to immediately spit it out and then run to the sink and try to wash the disturbing taste out your mouth, it's a good sign that you aren't a carnivore, and if the sight and smell of a dead animal turns off your appetite rather than turning it on it is also a good sign that you aren't a carnivore. (Real carnivores salivate at the sight and smell of a dead animal, and sometimes they will even roll around on a dead animal just to have that smell on them.)

In the same way that we lack the sharp teeth and claws needed to kill and eat animals we also lack the stomach acids which carnivorous animals posess that allows them to safely consume raw meat.

So even if you go out of your way to buy "Free Range", "Grass Fed", and "Wild Caught" meats once you cook these meats they are no longer "natural". (All natural meat eaters will eat meat completely raw, but we on the other hand are warned that if we are going to eat meat we should cook it first because raw meat can harbor parasites and bacteria that can be harmful and even deadly to humans, and personally I think that if a food has something in it that could harm or even kill us unless we kill it first by boiling or burning it to death it is a good sign that we shouldn't be eating that food in the first place.)


Did you know that much of the meat sold at supermarkets would actually look brown instead of red if it wasn't for the fact that it gets treated with "Carbon Monoxide Gas"? If you cut an apple it will turn brown when it gets exposed to oxygen and meat will also turn brown when it gets exposed to oxygen, but if it gets treated with "Carbon Monoxide Gas" it can stay looking red for days, weeks, months, or even years! (Even if meat that is treated with "Carbon Monoxide Gas" sits out at room temperature for 24 hours it can still look red and fresh.) There are many other tricks that are used to make meat look fresh even if it's not. Meat that are getting old and brown can be marinated to hide it's true look and taste. Old meat can also be dipped in blood to make it look red again. And if a store has 10 packs of ground up hamburger meat and 2 of them are turning brown they can blend all 10 packs together and end up with 10 fresh looking packs. This is not only deceptive but dangerous because the older the meat the more bacteria it can contain, so you should definitely avoid meat that has been manipulated to look fresh even if it's not.


One time I overheard a group of people talking about a TV show called "Bizarre Foods" and they were talking about how the guy on that show will eat pig eyes, monkey brains, bull testicles and all kinds of other "bizarre" body parts. But what's important to realize about this is that no natural meat eater would find any of those kinds of foods "bizarre".

When a natural meat eater eats an animal they will eat the blood, the eyes, the kidneys, and sometimes they will even swallow an animal whole! So when we kill a chicken just for certain portions of it's meat, or kill a shark just for it's fins, or kill an elephant just for its tusks we are being wasteful and cruel, and we are showing that we are far from being true carnivores.)

The animals that people choose to eat are also based on the standards of the country that they happen to live in. In one country an animal is raised for food and can be found in many traditional recipes, but in a different country that same animal may be a common pet and it would be considered "wrong", "criminal", or even "sinful" to kill it. Again, this is clearly learned behavior and is not in alignment with real carnivorous instincts.

We clearly have it within us to be kind to animals (most people will tell you that they are "animal lovers") so I encourage everyone to continue to be "animal lovers" and to love animals more and more each day.