6 Ways To Cleanse Your Home


If a product has words like "WARNING", "CAUTION", or "DANGER" written on it, or if it has a drawing of a skull with cross bones on it you should never bring it into your home. Products like these contain highly toxic chemicals, and if you have young children living in your home leaving products like these laying around can be just as dangerous as leaving a loaded gun laying around!

Below are some examples of common household products that are toxic and that I feel should never be brought into your home...

How can we expect to be healthy if we are washing our clothes, our dishes, and even our own bodies with products containing toxic chemicals? (And keep in mind that when you use these toxic chemical based products they get washed down the drain and can end up in our drinking water or in the environment which puts everyone at risk!)

"If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin." is a good rule of thumb when it comes to body care products. (If you can't eat your bars of soap or drink your bottles of shampoo without getting sick and having to call 911 then you definitely shouldn't be using them to clean your body.)

Now-a-days you can find "non-toxic" versions of things like soap, shampoo, and deodorant at health food stores and on-line, but what I have found is that with "clean living" you simply don't need personal hygiene products because water alone will be enough to keep you clean.

If you are taking showers to keep the outside of your body clean and you are also giving yourself "internal showers" by drinking plenty of water and by eating a healthy diet that includes a lot fruits and vegetables that are mostly made of water you will be keeping your body clean on the outside as well as on the inside.

There may also be lots of other things in your house that you don't realize are toxic. Furniture is often treated with toxic "flame retardants", clothing is often made with with toxic synthetic materials, and the food and drugs that people consume are also often made of toxic ingredients.

And even if you are a "minimalist" and you have no material possessions at all in your house, the house that you live in is most likely full of toxic materials, such as asbestos in your ceiling, lead in the paint on your walls, and formaldehyde in your flooring!

Toxicity is virtually inescapable today, and as scary as that might be please know that you have the ability to dramatically reduce the amount of toxicity that you are getting exposed to everyday, and that by doing so you can also dramatically improve your health.

Even in the year 2020 I didn't use any "hand sanitizer" or anything else besides water to stay clean.

The problem with anti-bacterial products that say things like "Kills 99.999% of germs" on the label is that they not only kill "bad bacteria" but also our "good bacteria" as well, and the reason it's called our "good bacteria" is because it protects us from the "bad bacteria" that everyone is so afraid of. And I feel that it would be much wiser to take steps to increse our "good bacteria" through healthy living rather than spraying our homes with toxic chemicals that poisons everything.


Add Living Plants In Your Home

Many people have been able to reverse serious health problems such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease by switching to a "plant based diet", but did you know that just looking at plants can also help aid in the healing process? (A hospital patient who is depressed or injured will be more likely to heal if their window overlooks a forest than if it overlooks a parking lot.) Plants also add oxygen to the air and help purify the air for us.

Add Some Sunlight In Your Home

Florescent lighting can weaken your immune system and make you feel depressed, so during the day I recommend that you open your curtains and let some natural sunlight be your only source of daytime lighting, and ideally spend time outdoors, and go to sleep at night when it gets dark.

Doing this can save you a lot of money every year on your electric bill, and it might also save you a lot of money on doctor bills as well!

Add Some Fresh Air In Your Home

Many people attempt to improve the quality of the air in their homes by using air fresheners. (Which are nothing more than toxic chemicals that are designed to smell good, and that do absolutely nothing to fix what is actually causing the bad odors in the first place.)

It is estimated that the air in the average household is 10 times more polluted than the air outside, and the best way to improve the quality of air in your home is to simply open a window.

These days people spend most of their time in-doors (in their home, in their car, and in their work building) and although all of these places have windows they are typically closed, so start making it a point to open windows whenever you can.

If you live in a cold, loud, or high crime area and you don't feel comfortable leaving your windows open, the next best option would be to get a good quality air purifier.


The sounds of sirens, loud music, fireworks, dogs barking, construction work, and neighbors yelling at each other can all be very toxic and stress enducing.

If you live in a loud neighborhood and feel unable to move away at the moment it actually isn't that expensive to sound proof one of the rooms in your home, and if you do this you will always have a place that you can go to when you need peace and quiet.
I would also encourage you to be careful what kind of music you allow into your home, because even the most negative lyrics can seem acceptable to people when they are set to catchy music.


Reason To Get Rid Of Your TV # 1 "Violence"

I believe that the most toxic things of all that you can put in your body are disturbing images and sounds that enter through your eyes and ears, because unlike other environmental toxins which can be removed through cleansing, memories aren't as easy to get rid of.

It is estimated that the average child will see over 10,000 murder scenes on television before they are even a teenager which is a lot of violence for anyone (much less a young child) to be exposed to!

If you have children you should know that even if you go out of your way to make sure that they aren't being exposed to violent movies, violent TV shows, and violent video games even a lot of the seemingly harmless sitcoms can actually teach children to be cruel, and if you don't believe me please do the following experiment...

Step 1 - Find a sitcom that plays the sound of an audience laughing during the funny moments of the show.

Step 2 - Watch an episode of the sitcom in question and count the number of times that the audience laughs.

Step 3 - Keep track of how many of the laughs are because someone gets made fun of.

If you do this experiment you will quickly realize that almost every sitcom (including the ones that are considered "family friendly") rely almost entirely on the use of insults and put-downs to make their audience laugh, and this teaches kids that the easiest way to get people to laugh and like them is to find someone they can easily mock and belittle.

Also know that any time you watch something on TV you are increasing the ratings of it which will lead to more of that kind of programing.

For example, if the most watched show on TV is "Jerry Springer" a lot of the less popular shows will feel pressured to be more like "Jerry Springer" in order to compete for ratings. And if children grow up seeing couples fighting on a daily basis then they will think that it is normal behavior when they are adults.

So if it is your desire to live in a more peaceful world please do not watch programs that present other people's drama as entertainment.

Reason To Get Rid Of Your TV # 2 "Time Loss"

If you watch TV as much as the average person does, getting rid of your TV would instantly free up close to 40 hours of time each week!

Reason To Get Rid Of Your TV # 3 "Mind Control"

If you think that you aren't influenced by the messages that are coming through your television, try telling that to advertising agencies who collectively spend BILLIONS of dollars each year on commercials that are designed to get you to buy, fear, and believe what they want you to.

When you are watching TV you are literally in a hypnotic like state and your brain activity slows down so dramatically that subliminal messages are highly effective, and all that advertisers really need to do to in order to get TV viewers interested in their product is to simply get them to associate their products with feeling good. (If you want to make a successful "Denture Cream" commercial, simply show some old people dancing and then mention the brand name of your denture cream at the end of the video.)

I grew up in the 80's and I recently found a really old VCR tape at my parent's house that had Saturday morning cartoons from back when I was a kid. The tape was 30 years old and when I watched it I barely remembered the actual cartoons, but whenever it would go to a commercial break and there would be commercials from the 80's for things like soda, candy bars, and cereal I remembered them as if I had just seen them yesterday, and if there was a song in the commercial I would instantly start singing along with it word for word...


"The world looks mighty good to me, cause "Tootsie Rolls" are all I see. Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a "Tootsie Roll" to me. "Tootsie Roll" how I want your chocolaty chew, "Tootsie Roll" I think I'm in love with you. Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a "Tootsie Roll" to me."

Why are jingles from our childhood still stuck in our heads? Because they were designed to get stuck in our heads! And if you want to protect yourself and your family from this kind of mental programing please don't have a TV in your house.


I encourage you to go through your closet and take out all of the clothes that you haven't worn in over a year, and then go through every room in your house (including the attic and the basement) and gather up any CD's, DVD's, Video Games, Books, Magazines, Tools, Appliances, and Furniture that you no longer use or need, and once you have gathered up all of your belongings that you no longer use or need anymore, try to let go of as many of them as possible.

You could donate your unused stuff to the local thrift store, give it to friends and family members who would want it, have a yard sale, put it on E-bay, or simply leave it somewhere with a note that says "Take Me".

And once you have given all of this stuff away and there is nothing in your house that you don't need or use anymore, try to keep it that way and live a more "minimalist" lifestyle.


Please do not kill your roommates regardless of what species they are!

If "pests" move into your home please understand that the reason they moved in was because your home was "inviting" to them in some way.

People who have ants, mice, and other "pests" living with them often leave food out for them on a regular basis. (They leave food crumbs on the floor, they let their dirty dishes pile up in the kitchen, and they throw away their left over food scraps in indoor trashcans that are easily accessible to small critters.)

And they will also let their homes get so cluttered that "pests" have lots of hiding places, and if these people kept their houses a lot cleaner the "pests" would naturally choose to move out on their own.

The next time that you see a spider, an ant, or a ladybug in your home I encourage you to leave it alone, or to gently capture it and then gently place it outside.

I also want to mention that just the fact that pest control products will say violent things on the label like, "KILLS BUGS INSTANTLY!!!" or will even have a cartoon drawing of a roach that is choking to death is a good reason NOT to have these things in your house, and some forms of pest control such as "glue traps" are shockingly cruel and won't invite peace into your home.

If you say that you hate insects or say that you're scared of them I would encourage you to stop and look them up-close, because doing so may increase your respect for them dramatically. Some insects are actually pretty cute when viewed up-close, and all of them have amazing superhero-like abilities!

Some insects can fly, some can walk up walls, and some of can even fall from heights that are hundreds of times taller than they are without injury. (Which would be like if one of us fell off the top of a skyscraper and then just got up and walked away like nothing happened!)

Nobody deserve the death sentence for wanting to move in with us, so please do not spend money on mousetraps, bug sprays, and exterminators and instead embrace "clean living", "compassion", and "wonder".