Plastic Shopping Bags From Meijer


Did you know that a lot of stores use disappearing ink on their shopping bags?

Or at least it kind of looks that way the longer that shopping bags are left outdoors and exposed to the elements.

If you look closely at the bags in most of the following pictures you will clearly see how the inks on these bags slowly come off over time.

Keep in mind that if these bags are left outside it means that when their toxic inks fall off they will have no where to end up but in the soil, in the water, and in the bodies of countless living creatures.

And also keep in mind that is only the beginning of the problem...

If you look closely at these pictures you will notice that after the inks start to come off of these bags the bags themselves then start to fall apart, and if nobody ever comes along and picks them up these old bags they will eventually break down into tiny microplastics which are far more dangerous!