Plastic Shopping Bags From Kroger


The store that I found the most bags from during this project was the grocery store "Kroger".

Most of the bags I found from "Kroger" were brown bags, although there were some white ones too from their on-line ordering service which is still somewhat new where I live, and I even found some really rare clear and yellow "Kroger" bags.

In their defence "Kroger" is the only store that I found bags from (at least that I'm aware of) who has publicly promised to stop using plastic shopping bags in the future.

(By the year 2025 as part of their "Zero Hunger Zero Waste" program.)

Considering that nearly 1 out of every 5 bags that I found were from "Kroger", it would definitely make a HUGE difference if they stopped using these bags.

And perhaps even more importantly is that if they do this it will mean that all of the other grocery stores out there who compete with "Kroger" (which is pretty much all of them) would then feel pressured to follow along and start taking more steps to becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable as well.

So if you shop at "Kroger" please realize how important this seemingly small change really is, and also realize that the more their customers support this change the sooner it could happen, and the more their customers resist this change the more likely that we will have to wait until 2025.